Einstein, Archer & Insight

Next week, on Tuesday, I fly down to Sydney to appear as a panelist on the SBS program “INSIGHT”

I’ll fly back Wednesday night.

Honestly, I’m a little nervous, mainly about my credibility, because I’ve fallen to bits (at least a little) since getting home from the walk.

I’m doing well, it’s just the long-covid fatigue and other illness, I’ve gained weight and feel embarassed.

The upside is, I may get to see my mate Einstein, who I met in Ulladulla, and he became a kind of disciple to the BIG WALK, following me for a week or so, and undertaking his own journey toward hope and healing.

An absolutely lovely man, and such a character – it’s my plan (with his blessing) to include him in a children’s book. (Which I’d publish online and for free, I just don’t like the idea of charging for smiles, when they’re just as rewarding for me).

Einstein has been in the cardiac care ward this week, after suffering a cardiac event. They put in a stent, and although he’s in pain, he’s recovering well.

That’s why he’s in Sydney – recovering in the care of friends, so I’m hoping our paths can cross, if he’s anywhere within striking distance of Chatswood (where I’ll be staying).

That gave me pause, actually. An omen maybe ?

The accommodation they organised is on ARCHER STREET.

Archer is the young boy who for me became emblematic of The Kids’ Cancer Project and why raising money for research was & is so important.

He was a massive supporter of the BIG WALK, and I used to send him postcards and messages – he became one of the faces that reminded me of WHY and helped me keep going. (He was confined to paediatric ICU for the entire duration of my walk).

I made a poster with him as “Boomerang Boy” to give him a smile, lift his spirits, and occasionally since then I make these little comic thingomabobs like the one below.

So I’ll be on Archer Street on Tuesday and Wednesday, talking about cancer survivorship, and pushing forward through the grief, sorrow and existential crisis. I think I actually have some genuine expertise in that area – I truly have reversed some of the profound ramifications of my fight with cancer ..

… and if I can, anybody can.

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