Now that I’m home from my BIG WALK, I’ll try and keep a blog going. I’m delighted by the people who found hope or inspiration in my Mad Quest, and I want to keep that door open, so please feel free to subscribe, and post any comments or questions.

Joke of the Day

Did a massive road trip – as a blogger, I suck completely. You can check out facebook @CapsBIGWALK if you’d like to know the kinds of things that happened, but among other things: Anyway, for now, while I figure out what to do and how to approach my next major Quest … jokes.

My Birthday & the Walk-iversary

G’day. You might know already that my name is Simon, and on 26.12.21 I dressed up as the boofhead superhero Captain Australia, and walked from Brisbane to Melbourne. These past weeks, I’ve been focusing on my health, muscling up, and preparing for the next challenge (I intend to walk again, this time all around Australia,…

Musings on Sorrow and Hope

This is another video excerpt from Day 77 of the BIG WALK (For The Kids’ Cancer Project), where I was talking about sorrow, pain, how the world sometimes seems like it’s built to hurt us, to pin us down and keep us there. But then I talk about transforming sorrow, pain, fear into hope, and…