My Birthday & the Walk-iversary


You might know already that my name is Simon, and on 26.12.21 I dressed up as the boofhead superhero Captain Australia, and walked from Brisbane to Melbourne.

These past weeks, I’ve been focusing on my health, muscling up, and preparing for the next challenge (I intend to walk again, this time all around Australia, ideally in April 2022).

I can only do that if I can raise about $25,000 – so if you know any corporate sponsors, please let me know 🙂

If I cant find sponsorship, I’ll need to take a breather, focus on work and income, and do it in a few years once I have the family finances back together.

The BIG WALK was my attempt to overcome crippling damage and sorrow following on from a fight with stage 4 cancer (6 months to live), I beat the disease, but just couldn’t move forward — but the walk healed me. That’s it’s value, really, to concretely show that a broken life can be fixed — that if we are brave, and if we do the work: healing is available.

It was also to help a tremendously important charity called The Kids’ Cancer Project (we raised $165,000)

So yeah, it’s the walk-iversary, and pretty soon I plan to take a long drive and re-trace the walk, meeting key people that I met on the road, such as my little mate Archer, Einstein, Sensei, Prophet Sarah, Scout Coralie, Uncle Phil, Super Grover … there’s just so many.

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