Fun Stuff (Participate!)


Supervillian up for a DAY!

Donate $50 or more and Captain Australia will become a mere puppet dangling below your evil strings.

Every day leading up to (and during) THE BIG WALK, Cap will do a Daily Donor Dare of DOOOM in a facebook live stream.

Facebook: @CapsBIGWALK


Support the Cause ! It’s time to: SUPERHERO UP ! FOR SCIENCE !

Create a superhero identity (even just a simple mask) and make a video and spread it across all your socials, as far and wide as possible.

In the video declare your support for CAPTAIN AUSTRALIA’S BIG WALK, and link to:


If you feel up for 5km, 10km or even more, join in and walk arm-in-arm with Captain Australia for part of his BIG WALK. Check the itinerary page to see if he will pass through your town (and if he passes nearby, reach out to us on facebook and he will change the route to include you).

If you live in or around Brisbane and would like to set out for the first part of the walk (even as far as the Gold Coast, 100km if you’re up for it!), Captain Australia will depart Brisbane CBD on 26.12.21 at 10am. You could join for a 5km walk (through Southbank) or onward for 10km or more. Note: it isn’t mandatory to dress as a superhero, but very highly recommented.

We can’t say for sure when he’ll pass through Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Sydney, but if you do the math and calculate from a minimum of 30km per day with an average of 45, we could expect arrival in Sydney on day 22. We will update this schedule, but if you are along the route, or in Sydney and would like to join in for the first part of the Melbourne leg, reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

EVENTS, Corporate Donations

If you operate a venue in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne (or anywhere in-between) and would like to organise for Captain Australia to visit, we’d love to hear from you. He can host a karaoke night for the charity, dance like a trained monkey, anything that you have in mind (within reason and decency), he’d look at to drum up support for The Kids Cancer Project.

We’d like to organise pre-walk events in Brisbane for December, and mid-walk celebration in Sydney in late January, and arrival celebration in Melbourne sometime in late February or early March.

If you have some of those sweet sweet corporate dollars you could point to the walk, we could look at getting your logo sewed onto Captain Australia’s uniform, or the massive banner he will carry through the entire ordeal .. I mean adventure. Reach out with a facebook message !