Captain Australia’s BIG LAP

After completing my “BIG WALK” from Brisbane to Melbourne, I began to understand the great merit in what I had done. I had healed myself, but in so doing, I had unconsciously shown other suffering people that healing is possible.

In creating hope for myself, I had created it for others too.

It began to sink in – all the dozens of concrete examples where people had taken the walk as inspiration and applied actual, meaningful positive changes into their lives. And I mean realy profound stuff too – like a young man, who came from trauma, had an estranged partner and a son he never saw – now leans into the SOLUTION instead of grieving the problem – he sees his little boy twice a week ! He’s mending fences ! And he attributes this great and magnificent change to meeting me !

Gobsmacked, humbled, and also beginning to understand – I didn’t do enough.

In a way, I’d swapped one kind of existential crisis (cancer suffering and despair) for another (what was I supposed to do with this new lease on life?). I realised that it was deeply, profoundly important to me that I do something MEANINGFUL, something to try and leave the world better than I’d found it.

Here are a few videos from a road trip I took to revisit people I’d met during the walk, some who credited my Quest with positive change in their lives. I adore that. Love it.

The walk was an ordeal, but it wasn’t mind-bogglingly crazy enough. Yeah it was crazy, but I succeeded, it was in reach, and I did it. People (even my own wife) didn’t think I could .. but I did. I showed that ordinary people can do significant things.

Not enough.

I want to show that ordinary people can do EXTRAORDINARY things. We can superhero up, for science, for each other, for any good cause. We can make this world, in it’s confusing and slippery decline, it’s darkening .. we can make it BETTER. We can make it BRIGHTER.

So I’ve decided to start again – but this time push around the entire perimeter of Australia.

Total circumnavigation on foot.

But if I go without a sponsor or some kind of financial solution, it will leave my family destitute. Ideally, I need to find some money so that I can INVOLVE them in the walk, bring them out to me every 6 weeks or so, share the country and the people with them. But I can’t get bogged down by that. I have to have faith and try and do what’s right. Fingers crossed people will see merit in my Quest, and then look past me and support the charity (maybe pausing to buy a t-shirt from Captain Australia’s Amazing T-Shirt Factory along the way – which is how I will support our basic material needs while doing the lap).

So I plan to go in July, and dedicate the BIG LAP to the Kids’ Cancer Project. Build on the $164,000 raised and push for a million dollars. I figure best case the lap takes me 18 months (that’s based on walking 30-35km per day at least 6 days a week)

But I need help I figure if I can get 2000 subscribers on facebook, that gives me enough to keep the family afloat while I’m away (because subscribers pay about a buck a month). More subscribers, and I’ll actually have extra money – we can crowdfund kindness – give it away on the road, or have extra cash to bring my people to me and share in stretches of the walk.. If you can find it in your heart, look me up on Facebook (@CapsBIGLAP) and subscribe for the duration of the BIG LAP. Subscriptions are only a buck forty per month, so like twenty bucks over the duration – but if enough people subscribe it will unlock all kinds of possibilities for the walk, including random acts of kindness, and importantly – flying my family out to visit and join in occasionally.

If you decide to subscribe – bless you. You’re supporting a righteous cause. And I’ll make it fun for us, I promise. Subscribers can decide where I go, who I help, in facebook polls. So please consider subscribing, or if you want to look at other ways you could help me get this going, visit this page about showing your support.

Thanks very much.

When I set out (July 2023), I’ll do daily live streams, all that fun stuff, share in every significant moment of the walk. And the major themes are simple:

  • that a broken life CAN be fixed (but hope is the essential fuel)
  • that kindness is the antidote to sorrow (and it ripples through society, sometimes coming back at you like a boomerang)
  • That its never too late, you’re never too broken, you can (and must) ACT
  • that if I help even one person, change one life – it’s all worthwhile “save but one life, and you save the world, entire”