Straight up, I have no interest in playing the game the way everybody else does. Manipulation for money (marketing), withholding and selling my insights and what I’ve learned. I’m interested in authentic human connection, in you – me – we .. collectively making the world BETTER.

I think, through my struggle and my unique approach to it, I’ve been able to cure great & crippling sorrow, and I have no interest in selling a ‘secret recipe’, and every interest in helping wherever I can.

I want to earn your regard, and having done that, find ways to share hope and inspiration with people who need it.

(That said, my kid needs a laptop for high school, and I have to pay the mortgage somehow if I’m going to do this BIG LAP, so .. bear that in mind if we set up a speaking event or anything like that).

If you’re interested in having me visit & speak, this is what it could look like.