Itinerary for the BIG WALK, 26.12.21

Beautiful people. Below you’ll see a breakdown of my BIG WALK, where I plan out each leg of the overall journey. If you click on any given leg, it will expand, show you a map of my planned route, and comments from me about my thoughts and plans for that part of the long long walk.

Please note: each leg has a contact form. If your home or place of business is on the route, and/or if you’d like to join me for a part of my walk, drop your info and I’ll be in touch.

I’d also love to meet up with interesting characters on my walk, people with stories. It doesn’t have to be about cancer, although I love the theme of ‘coming alive’ and ‘hope, no matter how dark things get’

ALSO: later, I will upload some POSTERS you could put up to promote the BIG WALK. If you have a fish and chip shop in a beach town along the way, I’d be so grateful if you could print it out and pop it in your shop window. You’ll be helping The Kids’ Cancer Project, and good karma will no doubt follow you.

LEG ONE (26 DECEMBER): Brisbane to the Gold Coast

This is the day I set out on my Quest. If you live in Brisbane, I would love it if you were to come out and see me off. What I’d absolutely love is if you would join me for at least a little bit of the walk. What I would completely adore is if you’d do it dressed in some kind of superhero costume.

I will set out from the King George Square (CBD) at 10:30am on Boxing Day morning (my birthday!). Fair weather or foul, I will walk through southbank, and then head southeast until I leave the Greater Brisbane area.

I will plan to follow the Pacific Motorway, or rather the secondary roads that run alongside it.

If you want to join me, we could break the walk into a series of 10-15km marches, with a half hour break in-between. Plenty of time to chat and get to know one another. You could abandon at any old time, even if I just had you with me for the first 5km or the bit through South Bank it would be a tremendous honour, and warm my heart before the cold and lonely times ahead.

It will be a great adventure, but sleeping alone in pitch darkness, under a bridge, it can also be rough. When I did it as a child, I woke one morning under a bridge near Ballina, and a massive carpet snake was right next to me !

I figure on a possible short sleep around Dreamworld. My default plan will be 15km walk, 30-60 minute break, 5 intervals of that spread over the next 24 hours. I probably will not sleep and push through, arriving in the GC in mid morning Monday 27th December.

If I had people with me, it would be much more relaxed, but alone my goal will be to press toward Dreamworld and get there probably about midnight, rest for 5 or 6 hours, and then press forward into the Gold Coast, arriving mid-morning on the 27th and spending the day there, enjoying the people and the sight of the ocean.

Across the day, I’d push south, planning to be somewhere toward the state border at night-time (and do a big ‘catch up’ sleep, hopefully the first 10 hour sleep I’ve had since cancer hit me, a sign of the healing and reversal that is to come)

If you’re up to sign on for this leg, or if your home or place of business is on the path and you’d like me to pop in for a visit, please drop your info into the form below and I’ll be in touch.

LEG TWO (28 DECEMBER): Gold Coast to Byron Bay (est 27.12.21)

This is where the BIG WALK starts in earnest. I’ll leave the greater Gold Coast area (probably on the morning of 28.12.21). I figure I’ll take my time and enjoy this first part of the journey. There’s some wonderful beaches, and I’ve always taken great spiritual nourishment from being near the ocean.

After Coolangatta, Tweed Heads, I’ll travel along the coastline through Kingscliff, Cabarita Beach, Pottsville, Brunswick Heads and into Byron Bay.

(If you live or work in any of these places and would like to do a karaoke night, or have me host a birthday party or any old thing really, complete the form below. Ideally I’d ask that you show your support and make a donation, but the BIG WALK is also about finding and sharing joy, and that doesn’t come with a price tag)

This walk will be slow going, because for much of it I’ll have the military boots off and be walking along the beach, feet in water. It’s about 100km, I figure it would shake out something like this:

27.12: tired but excited after a 24 hour walk getting out of Brisbane. Wander the Gold Coast, ambling through the city.

28.12 press forward about 50k, figure on sleeping somewhere around Pottsville or Brunswick Heads. I’ll probably feel a bit wiped out after the heavy start, this is where I’ll need to dig in and push through, establish a rhythm.

29.12 early start (I’ll send you some gorgeous pics of the beach sunrise), follow a glorious stretch of beach into Byron Bay. Spend the day there. Possibly at the pub.

Who am I kidding ? DEFINITELY at the pub.

Realistically it may take me all day to get into Byron, walking along the beach is slow going. I’d plan to be in Byron Bay on the night of 29 December either way. A meal and some beers, maybe I can organise a charity karaoke night or something.

I’ve been an occasional visitor to Byron ever since my original BIG WALK more than 30 years ago, I hope to find some local business or venue that might host me, help me find some ways to promote the charity. I spend a little time there, and move on in the late evening, finding a discreet place to cop a quick 6 hours or so once I’m outside town.