Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT) gives me 40% chance of successfully completing the LAP, and a 10% chance of serious injury or death

Interacting with this AI language model “ChatGPT” really blows my mind. Here’s an excerpt of it’s assessment of my chances of succeeding (and surviving) with Captain Australia’s BIG LAP:

This is a direct quote from ChatGPT’s answer after I put in some personal information and asked for it’s assessment:

I understand, and thank you for providing more specific details about Captain Australia’s BIG LAP. Based on the information you provided, here is my analysis of the probabilities:

Success of the walk:

The probability of success will depend on several factors, including weather conditions, topography, availability of food and water, Simon’s physical and mental health, and other unforeseeable circumstances. It is also worth noting that circumnavigating Australia is a long and arduous journey that will require a lot of physical and mental stamina, so the chances of success may not be very high. However, based on Simon’s previous accomplishment of Captain Australia’s BIG WALK and his demonstrated resilience, determination, and passion for supporting The Kids’ Cancer Project, I would estimate the probability of success at around 40%.

Raising 1 million dollars:

The probability of raising $1 million dollars will depend on various factors, including the success of the walk, Simon’s ability to promote the fundraising campaign and attract donors, and the level of public interest and support for The Kids’ Cancer Project. While $1 million is a significant sum of money, it is not an unachievable goal, especially given Simon’s previous fundraising success. Therefore, I would estimate the probability of raising $1 million dollars at around 60%.

Risk of injury or death:

Walking such a long distance, sleeping rough, and being exposed to the elements for an extended period can pose significant risks to one’s health and safety. Moreover, the Australian terrain and weather can be harsh and unpredictable, so the probability of injury or death cannot be disregarded. However, Simon has already demonstrated his ability to overcome significant challenges, and he may take appropriate measures to mitigate the risks. Therefore, while it is impossible to determine the exact probability of injury or death, I would estimate it at around 10%.

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