Just for Giggles: THE CAP RAP

Okay, so my middle son Sully is on the spectrum, and we sometimes play these little ‘rap games’ where we take turns rapping for each other .. it’s great .. it allows him to think on his feet, practice structuring a narrative, rhyming, and takes away the ‘high stakes’ from normal speech therapy, makes it fun.

Anyway, I discovered that he had secretly recorded me, and to my amazement had added autotune and background music, I found the audio file on his iPad and it was very much a WITAF moment.

Love it, honestly, and his secret creativity 😀

So I took the audio file and added it to a bit of video from the time I visited the pub in Bodalla and sang “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” after telling the audience about my Quest.

I humbly offer you “The Cap Rap”, in the hopes it gives you a smile.

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