G’day There

Just wanted to share some insights. One literally being from the SBS Show Insight – I was on the tellie and the program aired on the 4th of October, here’s an excerpt. If you want to see the full thing, sign up for SBS live-streaming and look at past episodes of INSIGHT, it’s a great show.

The other insight relates to BARRY, the unpaid sound intern.

There are people who have just stumbled onto Captain Australia’s BIG WALK and only have the loosest of ideas what it’s about. All these live streams where I’m talking to someone named “Barry” and going “Bop Bop A Diddley”. It was just a running joke for the people watching, that I was slowly going crazy, believing that Barry the Sound Intern was helping me with the live streams (because every TV show needs theme music).

This video kind of explains it and shows you what I mean:

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