New Uniforms

A picture’s worth a thousand words – so they say .. so behold, the alternative uniforms of Captain Australia ! 🙂

When I created this blog, my intention was to use it as a daily diary, that it might be the main place where I’d share my BIG WALK from Brisbane to Melbourne. But that’s turned into Facebook ( which I use for daily live streaming (on the charity’s advice).

I’m not great with all this social media stuff, and updating multiple locations with the same story – so as I start my BIG WALK in a couple of days 26th, if you want to check in from time to time and see how it’s going, the above link is your best bet. It may be that while I’m away, this website doesn’t get updated at all (but when I’m on the road, I’ll still try different things, in fact I may be lonely and aching for human contact some days, prolifically using all my solar power to stay in touch and over-sharing).

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