Captain Australia’s BIG WALK

I’ve been nowhere near as active or as diligent as I should, leading up to the BIG WALK.

I’ve been dealing with the threat of a secondary cancer, so have had to deal with hospital time, CT scans, MRI. I still don’t know the result, but hope next week to get a confirm that there’s a thing called a ‘benign meningioma’ (a slow-growing tumour in the lining of your brain that goes under surveillance and can be dealt with surgically if it starts to impact life/health.

It all started with adverse reactions after Jab#1 and #2. Don’t let this put you off vaccination, it’s basically an uncommon autoimmune response you can get to any vaccine – and it’s more common in older folk, apparently. My body over-produced antibodies, and they went on a rampage. Jab#1 was tremendous leg cramps – really horrible, debilitating, escalating cramps over 4 nights. Jab#2 was a more generalised illness – fatigue, soreness, some cramping, bowel issues, concentration issues. And I went suddenly deaf in my right ear, which led to the CT scan and finding this anomalous growth.

Fingers crossed all A-OK, it’s just thrown my planning into disarray.

So I’m leaning on facebook as my main way to record what I do and engage the public – and anything that you can do to help me get the word out PLEASE DO IT. I’m behind in almost every respect, and I set out in ONE WEEK. Yep. One week and I’m on the road.

The image above is Day 1 of my walk. It’s a hefty start, but I want to get out of Brisbane (my home city) as soon as possible. I won’t feel out ‘into the world’ until I get over the border into New South Wales.

So if there’s not much activity here, please check out the facebook page, where I’ll be doing daily posts before and during the BIG WALK:

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