Back from my BIG WALK and learning to blog

I’m not a web developer, in fact I’m an absolute boofhead.

After completing Captain Australia’s BIG WALK (Brisbane to Melbourne 26/12/21 to 19/3/22), I’ve been resting and recuperating these past two months. Trying to figure out ‘what next?’.

I still don’t have the answer. But the walk was an ordeal, and it taught me a great many things. That suffering isn’t the end, and that it can be illuminating .. purifying. My suffering in the walk was necessary, it brought me to a new level of joy. Thanks to my pilgrimage, I’ve been able to put cancer behind me.

So do I put the uniform in the cupboard and move on with my day-to-day life ?

I’m not sure. I don’t know how much time I have left, but I’ve realised I want to be righteous, hopeful, truthful. I want to make my life and the wider world BETTER. I don’t think I’m done with suffering and self flagellation, I think I’m up for more challenge, I think Captain Australia has more work to do.

For now – that work is documenting the 84 days on the road.

I did all these messy live streams and photos on facebook (@CapsBIGWALK), but it’s a chaotic jumble. I really had no clue what I was doing. My main motivations were to raise money for the charity (The Kids’ Cancer Project) and to leave a living diary for my children, in case I didn’t survive my own cancer. So I was trying to record it all, trying to talk true, reflect on who I was and what mattered, so I could leave that for my kids. But it was a jumbled mess.

So I’m going through, compiling it, and re-telling it here, in the CABW 84 Journal. Breaking it down day by day.

But I’ll try and get into the daily blogging as well. Until I figure things out, here is a gallery of photos from my BIG WALK.

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