Practice Walk & Day Long Stream Sunday (14 Nov) from Redcliffe to Brisbane (about 40km)

I know it says 13 November – postponing, got an unwell kid on my hands :/

I’ve been pretty buoyant the last couple of days, despite having an ongoing array of medical problems. The steroids appear to be working, so the vax-induced inflammatory problem that caused the loss of my hearing is slowly getting better (maybe back as far as 80%). Leg cramps have eased off as well, so I’m doing much better overall.

Sunday I figure I’ll take a train out to Redcliffe, a beach town about 40km north of Brisbane (my city) and walk back in. Just to get back into the groove of walking. 40-50km is roughly what I’m planning on every day during CAPTAIN AUSTRALIA’S BIG WALK, so I think I should start to get into the habit wherever possible.

With my solar blanket, solar charger and power banks, I want to see if I can run a stream all day long, and what the consequence is of that in terms of my battery situation, so I can get a kind of base line for what I might be able to achieve when I’m on the road between any kind of power supply.

I don’t want to miss anything significant during the BIG WALK, so I feel that all this practice is very productive (and important).

Anyways, another mini adventure tomorrow. It’s great to get out into the sunshine, back in touch with the natural world after 5 years in a cave of suffering. It’s great to come alive again 🙂

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