Although I’m still deaf in the right ear, I received great news today

After five years in their care, and the care of my wonderful radiation oncologist, Dr Charles Lin, I was formally discharged from the Royal Brisbane Hospital today.

I had the camera up the nose, a full physical & history check, and the doctor declared me “Cured”

The way cancer works, that means the particular malignancy. That head & neck cancer that I was diagnosed with in 2016, after 5 years of treatment and vigilance is cured. A stage 4 cancer, with a 6 months to live prognosis and 40-60% chance of total curative treatment.

So yep – my outcome was ‘Total metabolic response to treatment. Cured’

Pretty good, eh ?

I just wish I could give that to every child impacted by paediatric cancer. Heal them somehow. But I can’t. So what I need to do is pay forward this second chance I’ve been given, the great kindness and support I’ve received from the public, and throw myself into THE BIG WALK and try and raise as much money as possible for this vitally important charity (The Kids’ Cancer Project)

Anybody reading this, now or in the future:

  1. if you can donate, please consider doing so. It goes directly into research.
  2. If you can do ANYTHING to spread the word, please help. Tell a friend, tell your family, blast your social media. Make a video where you SUPERHERO UP! FOR SCIENCE ! and have a giggle, do a dress up as a superhero and say you support THE BIG WALK, and link in to the charity (see 1) to help us get support, attention, donations
  3. If you have any advice, contacts, corporate connections or a venue anywhere along the route of the BIG WALK, please write to me (see form below). I’d welcome any support you could show, any help, concrete or intangible, I’d take it with gratitude. If you have a venue in a small town on the way between Brisbane and Melbourne, I’d be glad to visit and host a karaoke night or something, during my BIG WALK if you’re up to have some fun for a good cause.

But yeah, a great day, great news. I’m so grateful to still be alive. To live and thrive in the light of the love of my wife and three boys, to come to this place after a time of such darkness … its an indescribable joy, relief, privilege.

All the best to you & yours.

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