Saturday’s 40km walk through Redcliffe into Brisbane

A long and pleasant day, and the walking wasn’t too bad.

Even so, 40km did feel more like 60 by the time I was done. I think all this time to practice and prepare is really helpful, because if I had to start the BIG WALK tomorrow, I’d need to dig deep to get through the initial resistance where my endurance and health levels are lower than required.

The goal for daily distance during Captain Australia’s BIG WALK will be somewhere between 40km – 60km per day every day. It feels about right to me. 20ish in the morning 20ish in the evening. Exploration, rest, meeting people, feeling the wind/sky/ocean in between. Getting back in touch with my spiritual self and the natural world.

I think the streams are getting better, and I’ve finally got my solar power solution figured out.

I couldn’t find this written anywhere, but the older generation of cables don’t seem to tolerate the erratic solar current – the cables burn out completely. I don’t know that’s just my guesswork, but I’ve had the system collapse twice now, and despite my worry that it could be the power bank, the phone, the solar panels, the solar battery pack, damage to the phone’s port – it appears that it’s actually just the cables.

I’ve gotten a couple of higher quality cables and it seems like everything is working perfectly. (The ones that died were dodgy old things)

Kids fighting a cold/flu, and it looks like I’ve got a tickle in my throat now too – my wife starts a nursing placement at the Children’s Hospital this week, so it may be that I’ll be spending a lot of time on ‘dad patrol’ and have to put Captain Australia a little bit in the back-seat this week.

I’ve still got about 6 weeks before D-Day (Departure day 26.12.21), so I still have time to build things up. My main goal at this stage is to grow public awareness and support – which will be essential to the donation outcome for The Kids’ Cancer Project.

My own healing is still woven into the BIG WALK, but honestly, I feel as if I’m already OK .. so instead of mere healing, I go searching for revelation and access to a higher level of growth as a human.

Today, rest & time with the family. Tomorrow, possibly out in the city, depends on whether I have to hold one or more of the kids out of school due to illness.

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