Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. But it can also trigger a need for about $1000 in therapy sessions. But either way, I’ll share this story using the vision that I take in the Facebook live streams.

It will speak for itself.

So a lovely donor “Liz” dropped some money on the charity but also chose to SUPERVILLAIN UP! FOR SCIENCE !! and give me one of these DAILY DONOR DARES OF DOOOOOM!

I was pretty chuffed to be honest. Cancer is a grim topic. My recovery from cancer is a grim topic. Paediatric cancer is the GRIMMEST topic. So it’s nice to have a bit of fun, soften the mood a little bit. Lean into the adventure and hope of Captain Australia’s BIG WALK.

I’d only had two very brief dares up “SONG UR PLAYLIST” and “RUN FATTY RUN”, and this, lucky number three was somehow more insidious and super-evil than the others “SKIP”.

Doesn’t sound so bad, right ? She just wanted me to skip 300 metres. No worries !

But me, boofhead that I am, decided the spirit of it was to crank up the difficulty. So I was required not just to skip, but skip through the beating heart of my city’s CBD at peak hour. My thinking being that Liz was kind enough to donate, I should go full-throttle Deadpool and make MAXIMUM EFFORT.

So I did.

But honestly, I was wetting my pants, at the start, doing it, and for a little while after. It was insidious, really, getting this bumbling old fool, dressed as a superhero, to go skipping around, his still-large belly jostling and jiggling.

I made matters worse by singing “tra la la la” and then, when the stares got under my skin “Go about your business !” “Nothing to see here !” “Perfectly normal man having his perfectly normal morning skip !”

(Somehow that made it even worse, heh)

Anyway, videos of the Skip Saga below, with fond thanks to Liz for her support.

After the psychotic episode… er… ahem .. I mean … Skipping Adventure … Captain Australia set the camera up over his shoulder for more practice with streaming, and rambled incoherently on his way to the dentist.

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