20km walk today, met the Mighty Flinn, Delightful Caroline, and Kind Drew

Walked out to Sumner Park today (20km round trip). It’s wonderful, because the walk was NOTHING. Nothing, it felt like a casual stroll. I was rucking (carrying my heavy backpack), dressed in my heavy gear, and it was a hot day 30+ degrees.

I’ve come a long way since the train-wreck I was in December. The daily walking really has strengthened me.

On a hot day, I’ll need to take a nice rest, I reckon, after the 15km or 20km mark, in order to stay effective, but I’m pretty confident on an average of at least 40km per day throughout the entire BIG WALK

Tomorrow morning, 9am, I have to to a DAILY DONOR DARE OF DOOM, a lovely donor named Liz gave me the following dare:

“I dare you to skip along your path for 300m. You can use the “overtaking lane in 300m” signs to help judge the distance.”

So, I’ll go to the Queen Street Mall (middle of my city, it’s about 500m long) and skip down the length of it tomorrow morning at 9am, and live stream the whole thing for Liz. I am a helpless puppet beneath her sinister supervillain strings 🙂 (and thanks for donating to The Kids’ Cancer Project, Liz, you bloody legend)

Will share the stream here, or you can find it on Facebook @CapsBIGWALK

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