Drunken Deadpool Geriatric change-up

I’m a little too ‘under the weather’ at the moment for story-telling, I had a big night last night with a dear old friend. (“Old” both literally: he’s an old fart like me, and figuratively: we’ve known each other since we were children). It was lovely to catch up, we haven’t seen each other since COVID hit.

As King of the Brilliant Idea (seriously, I have a crown and everything), for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to take the Captain Australia gear with me (heavy) and change into it in a public place afterward (risky, difficult).

I love these new little challenges that have creeped into my post-cancer life.

But I’m not Deadpool, and even HE struggled to do a uniform change-up, simultaneously proving that it’s waaay harder than it looks – and that the superhero-ducking-into-a-phonebooth trope is absolute shullbit. (I’m trying to reduce my use of profanity as much as possible).

Streaming is a great format, because it’s *BANG* Go! By default it puts you in a position of having to speak truth (or have very well prepared and practiced lies), so in one sense streaming while drunk may even be a great idea because: you speak truth.

I’m pleased that, incoherent rambles aside, my main messages were Hope, Healing, Helping.

As it will be in Captain Australia’s BIG WALK, The Kids’ Cancer Project was in the front of my mind, even when I was deep in my cups.

Anyway, I share a video of the streams taken last night in case it is amusing or illuminating.

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