“The Horses” by Daryl Braithwaite

The video speaks for itself.

I just need to find a rock to crawl under and hide. Ha-ha.

I’m a shy person. I’m not a singer. But a lovely donor (Daniel) made me a DAILY DONOR DARE OF DOOOOOM! to “Sing ‘The Horses’ by Daryl Braithwaite”, so the video is me doing my best.

It was actually a fun day, and I needed this.

I know I may look crazy, like some kind of middle age train wreck, but at the end of the day it’s my HOPE that people see things like this and understand it for what it is: raw commitment.

Good, bad or indifferent, I am 100% behind The Kids’ Cancer Project.

I’ve been struggling to adapt to the new reality of possible secondary cancer (brain) just weeks after the all clear from my Stage 4 head and neck cancer. It’s almost feels like someone up there is having a laugh at me.

The dare came at just the right time to remind me to pull my socks up, and focus on service.

Today a lovely young man, Joel, reminded me of that, he mentioned a quote from Albert Einstein “only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile

I remember that now. It’s giving me back my power and purpose. Reminding me that I’m just a boofhead, just one old man. But my BIG WALK, it’s about more than that. It’s not just about me, but US, and how together we can do remarkable things.

I can’t lose the important message of my Quest – which is to show concretely that a broken life CAN be fixed. That we can find hope, reconciliation, joy, even after times of profound trauma and darkness.

No, I will not fall back into the old way. I will not fear.

Fuck you, cancer.

Incidentally, I got ANOTHER dare today, which is both great & terrible. This great donor writes ““DDOD: You gotta do a shoey in your smelly boot mate. Water, powerade, whatever. Just gotta be mixed with the sweat. Legend.”” …. I didn’t know what it meant at first. But I googled it and … yuck …. haha, this is what I have to do. Will do it in live stream either tomorrow or thursday:

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