I am “The best 28-year-old-looking Dad in the Universe”

My dilemma though, is whether it’s good that my kids are (big-hearted) incorrigible liars. (more like 68 year old looking!). I think I can live with it 😀

With the car suffering catastrophic engine failure, we find ourselves without wheels or much in the way of recklessly-toss-aroundable cash. But the kids have given me a lovely sweet fathers day morning, as they always do.

My wonderful wife has also been incredible, not just giving me a dad-patrol time off today, but she’s come to the rescue helping me with the Captain Australia uniform, as after a number of failures I was really struggling with the cowl/hood.

I still vividly remember when she helped sew up that first Captain Australia uniform (back in 2008), she was measuring and planning and turned to ask me “Will you have a cape ?”

“No, I don’t think so”, I reply.

(Her response still makes me smile, and puzzles me, because) She asked,’ Then how will you fly ?!?!”

I’m only capable of flight in very short bursts, and from high places. Most normal folks would call it ‘falling’.

Although, funnily, after losing 50kg of the radiation-thyroid weight, I have a lot of flappy skin, so if I ever did fall out of a plane or something, I probably could grab some flaps and swoop to safety like some kind of glider possum.

As I get out as Captain Australia, I’m a bit disappointed by my gut. 50kg is a lot to lose, but I was hoping to be lean & strong when getting out in public, but I got a bit malnourished in July, and when I stopped with the crazy over-exercise-under-eat stuff and took a recovery break, through August I put a little bit (about 6kg) of weight back on.

Fat ? Skinny ? Who cares !

Sure, but for me the weight is only fine if there’s no underlying problem behind it. It can be a symptom of sadness, of loneliness, of being broken.

I mean – this video probably explains it.

So for me, coming out of the gate lean and strong was about showing and sharing HOPE. How much I’ve found after a very bleak place.

That’s available to all of us, if we are willing and able to help each other find it.

So I guess I just have to HOPE that people can still see the underlying message about HOPE without my beer-gut undermining it.

Well, all the walking around with the military kit is sure going to help melt away that last 10-15kg anyways.

I suppose in a way having some spare calories stashed away is going to help when I do my BIG WALK.

But yeah, today is about chilling out at home, a take-it-easy-light-and-breezy day with the fam.

Almost done with the uniform – today we want to sort out the wings (yellow kangaroos) on my forehead and a few other fiddly little bits. My plan is tomorrow to introduce you to SOME FUN STUFF like Daily Donor Dares of DOOM! and how you can Superhero Up! For Science !

(More on that soon, my friends)

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