3 Sep: Walked all over the city today

I reckon I would have covered about 20km all told, although somehow it feels like longer. 6 hours, but I did meet a few people and have some very nice chats. I don’t know if it’s carrying the pack and massive banner, or just the NEWNESS of all this, but I feel quite massively tired. Which is weird, because my stamina has come along quite well – since December I’ve fallen into the habit of walking daily, so most days it’s 20km, and often substantially more than that.

I compare that to the dark days following cancer, where the radiation-induced thyroid damage helped me put on so much weight. Coming in at 140kg in December .. walking 5km was a massive trial and victory. After I’d done as little as 3km, I was tired, sore, mentally searching for permission to stop. Thankfully I found that hope and strength inside me – not only did I not stop … I’d often get to the end, so grateful to be done, ready for a hot bath and a sleep and I’d reach down inside myself, and .. this finer part of me would rise up and assert. “No.” “More”.

Not “no more!” which is what I was feeling as I limped home .. but “No. We’re not stopping now. Do MORE”. I wanted myself to turn around and repeat the whole walk. (I know that probably sounds crazy .. but .. hmm…. ) Well anyway, in the first couple of days that difficult 5 turned into a consistent 10, and at the end of the first month I was able to push beyond that.

But today ? Tired …

As I plodded home, some rain hit, so I pulled down the massive banner, packed it away, and plodded along to a Chinese Restaurant at Indooroopilly. Bought Roast duck (family favourite), nice special fried rice and King Prawns (another family fave). The wife & kids were very happy 🙂

And if that’s not what it’s all about anyway, then I’m clueless.

By the way: This is NOT what a nervous breakdown looks like 🙂 The Kids’ Cancer Project is an urgently important cause. I’m 100% committed to helping them. Please do what you can as well ?

I’m grateful.

Oh, I met some lovely people today, but the stand-out for me was Trent. My friend I’d love to stay in touch with you, I can tell from the outset what a decent human being you are. If ever in life you need a friend, you can find one in me.

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