Yep: I sew like the elderly make love (very carefully, and I often botch it and have to start over)

Tomorrow is the soft launch of CAPTAIN AUSTRALIA’S BIG WALK, and I have a call with the wonderful folks at The Kids’ Cancer Project. I was hoping to show them how the new uniform will look.

It’s coming along OK – the uniform itself, the tactical gear – it’s excellent. I have first aid, water, all kinds of stuff within easy reach on my belt, and the boots are just marvelous.

The hood ? Not going so well. I may have to start with just a kinda head-wrap and, as I’ve been told in the past “GET PROFESSIONAL HELP”

But, coming along – and tomorrow I will suit up and get out in public either way.

If you’re following, please please show your support to this worthy charity. Any amount you can spare helps, it all goes directly into research hours to improve treatments and outcomes for kids going through these horrible paediatric cancers.

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