A giggle a day keeps the sadness away

Found this old picture of me in 2011, after I’d been doing the “Captain Australia thing” for a few years. It still makes me giggle a bit, brightens my life.

I can only hope it also has that effect on you.

The gloves are gardening gloves, and you can’t see the lower half but I have these big amazing yellow boots that I bought from an online ‘stripper boots’ shop.

Today is all about getting the new uniform going.

Work is progressing pretty well – although again this go-round I’m working backward from a military uniform, so it should look a lot more serious, while still keeping that superhero look, at least a bit.

Really struggling with the hood. The simple fact is, I can’t sew. Or rather .. I sew like octogenarians make love. Slowly. With great and delicate care. And I often fumble and put things where they don’t belong, making mistakes and even botching the entire job and having to start over.

Anyway, I’ll use the above picture as a bit of a BEFORE, and when I have the new uniform up we can compare and contrast.

Tomorrow is 1 September, and my self-imposed deadline to start promoting the charity. So if I still don’t have the hood ready to go, I guess I’ll just dress up with whatever I have and hit the streets.

Watch out for the DAILY DONOR DARES OF DOOM!, more on that soon.

Just please don’t dare me to mow your lawn, or do a Happy-Birthday-o-Gram to Grandma. Actually of course I’d be more than happy to do either of those things if it wins your support of this massively worthy cause. (The BIG WALK for The Kids’ Cancer Project).

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