Shout out to my phenomenal friend, Jhye

I met this kid and his mum on the road out from Ulladulla, on the way to Bateman’s Bay. I’m just re-living those moments now as I write up my journal of the BIG WALK.

(If you’ve rando subscribed and have no idea what it’s all about, my name is SImon and I walked from Brisbane to Melbourne dressed as the boofhead superhero Captain Australia. I did it to overcome the crippling side effects from my fight with stage 4 cancer (6 months to live), including the grief and sorrow of inflicting loss on my young children. I beat my cancer, and my way of overcoming these problems was to take this Mad Quest. I dedicated the walk to a paediatric cancer research charity called “The Kids’ Cancer Project” because no child should have to endure what I did).

I had met wonderful new friends and gotten ridiculously drunk. I woke on Day 49 with an intense hangover – but nonetheless chose to heroically push forward (if wincing and moaning at every loud noise can be seen as heroic).

It was a long and rainy day, and I met some lovely, shining people on the road. Sophie, Elise and her family, the lovely folks at FOXY’S CAFE.

The people I bumped into were becoming like these incredible batteries to me. Light, wonderment, like the old song says “we are stardust we are golden” (here’s Joni Mitchel singing it)

One of those brightest lights is the young man that I dedicate this post to, his name is JHYE.

I met Jhye on the road to Bateman’s Bay, and he became a staunch and vocal supporter of CAPTAIN AUSTRALIA’S BIG WALK.

I can’t overstate how much I got from that, this shining, wonderful person turning on their light and shining it full force toward me. It filled me with hope, joyufulness, a special kind of spiritual lightness. It made the road easier to travel.

Now here’s the thing – I know at school there have been kids who bully Jhye, and I just wanted to write a message to them.

Come for me, instead. You like hurting people ? Making fun of people ? Pick me instead. You couldn’t have a bigger target. Look at me, I’m an absolute weirdo. If you have to attack someone (does it make you feel bigger, stripping other people down?) then come at me.

I know Jhye doesn’t need my help, this kid is strong, full of light, such a sweet soul, and as much as people might not recognise it, there’s a tremendous strength and dignity in kindness.

What bothers me is that it’s just plain unfair that such a spectacular human as this kid would get bullied.

(I’ll be honest, I just typed a rant with profanities but deleted it).

I want to thank my mate Jhye for his relentless support. What a great guy.

From knowing him, I learn a new ethic of the BIG WALK – never be mean or hurtful, defend people who are unjustly attacked. You don’t need to shame or attack a bully, just stand together and say “stop it, it’s wrong”

Sorry, I didnt mean to write so much about bullying :/

Jhye, you’re a bloody effing bloody well legend, mate. I appreciate you.

Thank you.

Below are two videos – left is a completely great drawing of a racecar that Jhye gave me on Day 49 of the BIG WALK, and the other is him cheering me toward the finish line.

Thank you, Jhye.

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