The BIG WALK journal is taking ages, but at least I get to re-live it and have some personal giggles

I can’t believe I’ve been home for four months now.

Actually, I kinda can, because I’ve changed so much over that time. I’ve gotten stuck in this relentless cycle of fatigue (long covid) that I’ve really struggled to break out from. But I’m getting better.

It’s amazing to me that I’m only up to Day 33 of the Journal, it feels like I work on it all the time.

But it is lovely, getting to re-experience things.

When I was walking, each day I was deep in it, moving forward, trying to get to the next place, keep my momentum. I never really got to look back or reflect, and I certainly didn’t get time to re-watch the live streams.

As I go back now, it’s nice, it’s like getting to do that first-time meeting of friends, all over again 🙂

Today it’s Newcastle, and Andrew, Gayle, Grant & Maree. They walked the Fernleigh Trail with me, and were just plain lovely.

Here’s some photos, and since people hassle me to make it ‘more interesting’ and add music, I threw down a bit of background music. Couldn’t afford to pay for it though, so .. homebrand 😉

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