Jab #2 and high profile advertising (thanks Mark McCarthy Automotive!)

Digital billboard courtesy Mark McCarthy Automotive. Doesn’t photograph well because it’s a screen.

Completely stoked that courtesy of Mark MCarthy Automotive, a great car sale/repair place near where I live, we have billboard advertising of Captain Australia’s BIG WALK (For The Kids’ Cancer Project) !

It’s such a strange thing to advertise, I can only hope people see the underlying truth, the good Quest, and get onboard to support the charity. 950 Aussie kids diagnosed every year. 3 dying every week. It’s a tremendous cause, funding the science into figuring out and eliminating paediatric cancer.

It’s been so beneficial to my own healing from a Stage 4 cancer (6 months to live but I beat the odds). Kindness truly is the antidote to suffering.

I couldn’t be more delighted by them offering up the advertising space, and I love the way it looks.

I got my #2 jab today of the COVID vaccine. Main motivation was out of respect for other people, and a kind of .. I don’t know, civic responsibility if that makes any sense. I had horrible cramps for 3 days after the first one – the doctor explained my metabolic response to the vaccine was more aggressive than a normal persons, so the pain was basically the autoimmune response, the antibodies causing inflammation and attacking healthy tissue. (But to be sure it wasn’t DVT I had to have a special vein scan called a ‘doppler scan’).

He said I’ll probably get even worse cramps tonight and over the next few days.

(And the last ones were AWFUL, just awful, pain spikes up to an 8 or a 9 – but it doesn’t abate, it kinda pulses at that level 5 – 8 – 5 – 7 – 5- 8 – 5- 8 – 9 – 9 – 9 .. and turns into a new cramp. It’s not like a normal cramp from over-exercising, and it leaves the muscles feeling tender and vulnerable. They seem to come on randomly, but less when you’re walking around, that first night I basically had to pace from like 1am when the first cramp woke me, until dawn.

Anyway, hope & optimism, baby, even in the face of darkness. So fingers crossed no severe cramps.

And if I get them, I’ll just have to weather them: will let you know 🙂

What I do next as Captain Australia, and when I do it, will depend on the cramp situation, but if I have a good night, I plan to go out into the city tomorrow and promote the charity. Ideally this week was thinking about a walk from Ipswich into the city. (About 40km). I think these nice full-day walks are really building my mental & physical strength, and I’m starting to get better with the recording/streaming. (Kinda).

My plan is to ask the great characters I meet for permission to film the encounters, so I can have more interesting and fun stuff to share in the streams. More on that soon. Still in practice mode, don’t start THE BIG WALK until 26.12.21 .. but the day is looming EVER CLOSER!

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