“Give 100 Hugs” (Daily Donor Dare of Doom Update)

Just a quick post advising that tomorrow (16 October) I’ll ride a train down to the Gold Coast early in the morning, and spend the morning trying to give 100 Hugs, to honourably complete the DAILY DONOR DARE OF DOOOOOOOM! made by Katy a couple of days ago.

These Dares haven’t really taken off, I guess they were my way of:

a) showing commitment to the charity

b) lightening what is a very grim topic, making it more accessible and a little bit fun

c) adding some awkward and cringey entertainment to the whole spectacle, heh

So tomorrow I’ll be wandering the Gold Coast trying to coax people into a HUG. It’s actually a really challenging dare because:

a) I look like an absolute weirdo

b) even in the best conditions it’s weird & hard

c) COVID and social distancing add an entirely new layer of hesitation to the dynamic

But, Katy’s DARE becomes my DOOM, I’m completely on the hook for it.

All for The Kid’s Cancer Project, you can donate today !

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