Mount Coot-tha

Did a nice walk today, up Mt Coot-tha then down into the city, all told about 15km. Had wet-weather gear, so it was either going to be a test of weather resistance or how long I can stream with my new solar battery & power pack solution.

Fiddled with the camera, really not satisfied with the quality, but I can’t afford any major new purchases right now, so I’m stuck with my old

iPhone 7 and a selfie stick. Also it looks like facebook streams only tolerate up to 3 hours, not 100% sure it’s facebook that gave up on me or my data plan hit 0 (had to upgrade it now that I’m home).

I’m glad I have all this time leading up to THE BIG WALK to practice, and I’m so grateful for all the support and kind comments that have been coming in from the public.

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