Planning a big walk (overnight) on friday 17/9: Brisbane to Gold Coast

All my life I thought it was about a 100k drive down to the Gold Coast, but not according to my old friend Google Maps, which tells me that my walk on friday will be 85km or so.

This is the actual first leg of the BIG WALK starting 26.12.21, so friday’s practice run will give me a sense for the kind of obstacles I’ll face getting out of the city.

I figure the most practical approach is a series of 15km marches with short breaks in-between, 15 minutes to wiggle the old toes, 30 minutes to listen to some favourite music.

I need new underpants, socks and a solar charger, so I’ll go shopping Wednesday or Thursday, but other than that, I think I’m pretty much fully prepared for THE BIG WALK in December, and Friday’s test run to the Gold Coast will be validation of that.

The only point of difference will be that in December the sun and heat will be harsher, but I plan to acclimate to that over the coming months.

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