I walked about 55km across Brissie yesterday

The video below covers it – it’s a compilation of Streams from 7am through until late evening (when sadly my phone died). I covered almost 60km across the day, and I’m honestly quite pleased with myself. When I do my BIG WALK from Brisbane to Melbourne (26.12.21) I won’t have to worry about such long marches, I can do a quick 10 or 15, take a rest, visit locals, see the sights, do another 15, and so on. But it’s good to know I can do a couple of long marches if I need to. As I lose this last little bit of stubborn weight around my middle, the walking will only get easier and more comfortable. And the boots are marvelous !

Video is a bit long – for me the high point is at about 15 minutes, when I run out of road and have to carefully balance across a swamp/sewer/creek on a thin metal pipe.

I met some truly lovely people, and my biggest learning is that I need to get better at recording things. I think that there’s a possibility that I could paint my experiences into quite a lovely and optimistic picture of life, hope, people and their kindness. But it depends on my technical skill with the selfie stick, and I’m not happy with the result so far.

Thankfully still another few months before I take off for the BIG WALK, so I’ve got time to practice and improve.

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