A teardrop of beauty

I get it that “A Teardrop of Beauty” sounds like a bad Haiku, but my teardrop banners (x2) arrived today, and they are MASSIVE. That’s me to the left carrying just one of them.

When I get the gear to rebuild the Captain Australia costume, they’ll be strapped to the sides of a metal framed military backpack, but today I did a test run in high winds, and it’s going to be fun (and funny) getting around with these massive things strapped to me.

Since losing all the cancer/thyroid weight (or most of it), I have some extra skin flaps as well, so I may find myself screaming as I become airborne if a high wind catches both of these banners just the right way — but at least I’ll be able to grab the skin flaps under my arms and glide to safety like some kind of flying fox (or an elderly heavy-set spiderman with the web-armpitty-version.

Yesterday I did a 35km walk. I got up at 5:00am and walked into the public dental school at Herston. Since my travel insurance company collapsed (and more recently my car engine exploded) we have to be super careful with money, so I get to let student dentists have a go at my radiation-damaged teeth 🙂

Thing is, they’re wonderful. Slow – a root canal takes about 4 times as long as with an experienced private dentist, but the kindness and interest these young (about to graduate) dental students show me more than makes up for it.

Anyway, check out the banner – next week I should be able to start doing the DAILY DONOR DARES OF DOOOOOM! and let you see Captain Australia in his full regalia, carrying two massive banners strapped to his back.

Please support CAPTAIN AUSTRALIA’S BIG WALK for The Kids’ Cancer Project. Click on the link below to go to the donation page, all money goes into research to better treat and ultimately cure paediatric cancers.


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