School Holidays in Queensland !

After my test walk to the Gold Coast, I resolved to spend this fortnight at home with the kids as much as possible. (As the Christmas holidays will have me leaving on THE BIG WALK).

Got out in the city dressed as Captain Australia on monday (because I had to go in for a dental appointment – radiation damage to my teeth).

And today, I went out to walk the dog, and realised “hold on, I really should be doing this as Captain Australia”.

Even though I didn’t do anything particularly interesting, with my big magic banner I’m basically a walking billboard for the charity, so really I should be walking around as the boofhead superhero Captain Australia as much as possible.

If you haven’t seen it, the Channel 10 TV show THE PROJECT put together a lovely story on my Mad Quest, they were very kind, I think they got the tone of it just right.

I may not get out over the next few days, focussing on Dad Patrol and time with the kids, but I might try to get out in an evening on Friday or Saturday night. But if you haven’t seen THE PROJECT story, here: