I guess in a way, this is my Manifesto

A very nice person on facebook wrote suggesting that, with this secondary brain cancer worry, and the week of health issues I’ve been fighting, I should be resting, looking after myself. I should even consider bailing on THE BIG WALK, it’s “the thought that counts”

What a lovely human being.

But no. It’s not true. The thought DOES count. Absolutely. Our motivations, the reasons we make the choices we do – they totally matter. They frame our future choices, whether we learn from our mistakes, our hope, our optimism, what we value.

BUT our actions matter to. Following through. The outcome.

I am so crazily eager to succeed for the charity. No matter what happens to me, it’s my running day-dream that some wealthy boffin discovers what I’m doing. Sees the truth in it, the righteousness, and for ME, not the charity, but me, Simon – the commitment I’ve made, the Quest I’ve taken .. they drop a million on the charity. (Or a bunch of people do that collectively).

That would mean that by my actions, the direct outcome of saving little children’s lives – I can carry that with me in my heart for the rest of my days.

What a gift.

But win, lose or draw, my motivation is to do that, so my motivation is pure. But the outcome matters too. So there’s just no way that I’m not going to continue trying to do my absolute best, even if my vision, even if this “Mad Quest” is completely bonkers to most normal people 🙂

This is what I wrote in response to the lovely facebook comment, and in a way I guess it’s my Manifesto about THE BIG WALK.

Hey Kristy. That’s extremely kind of you. But no, it’s out of the question that I won’t go.

There are only four things that will delay (not stop) my Quest:

1) some kind of major family situation where it’s necessary to help my wife/kids

2) border regulations or some kind of change that blocks me

3) if I need to have fast-tracked surgery for this brain thingomabob

4) serious injury

There’s only two things that will outright stop my Quest:

1) death

2) terminal diagnosis where I just .. I’d need to redirect what time I have left to be with my wife and boys every possible moment

I don’t see any of the above being an issue, so 99.5% is that on Boxing Day, I’m geared up and take those first steps from King George Square.

You are so kind and I’m so grateful for that kindness. It reshapes the world, Kristy.

Thank you.But yep – it’s a Mad Quest. It may seem crazy, but the reasons are pure and righteous (I think), I want to do the very best I can for The Kids’ Cancer Project – and in doing that I further my own hope and healing, and in the best of worlds, I offer that hope to others, who can take it and use it in their own lives.

All the very best – thank you for your kind comment.(Oh and yes, even if I fail, I hope people will look past me and see “The Kids’ Cancer Project”. I’m not affected by paediatric cancer, but I simply could not abide seeing children waiting for the same treatments I was. I beat a stage 4 cancer, but kids – they just shouldnt HAVE to. Win, lose or draw, my primary goal is that people see and give their support to that important charity: https://captain-australias-big-walk.raisely.com/ — thanks for being such a lovely human, Kristy)