Day Sixteen (10 January)

This was a long and sometimes boozy day of rest, thanks to Adam, Jordan, Scotty and crew from the Chelsea Motor Inn, Coffs Harbour.

After weeks on the road, it was truly surreal to have nowhere to go and nothing particular to do for a whole day. I suppose, on reflection, that’s what I’m dealing with now – a bit rudderless because my Quest is done. Postponing the ‘what next ?’

I wandered down to the local shops and bought a pair of colorado sandals to replace my crocs (firmer, better support as a wet-weather alternative to the boots), picked up the selfie stick (thanks to David Duff) and then met up with my hosts to knock back a few beers at their local watering hole.

After that, I had a long nap – something like 2 or 3 hours in the middle of the day !

It was fun, and the rest really gave my sore ankle a chance to ‘come good’, but there’s not much to report. Were I more diligent, I’d have suited up and wandered Coffs Harbour trying to drum up support for The Kids’ Cancer Project – but I was too caught in the journey of it, the personal Quest. The individual human story. But yeah a few beers with Adam and Scotty and other Coff’s residents and I was under the weather enough to need an old man power nap 🙂

Slept and rested well, the following morning I was good-to-go, with a plan to strike for Gladstone then hit the coastline again and do some more beach-walking.